Custom Skills

Server Information

Play Elves is a free-to-play Game server that seeks out to bring you the best and most fun Pre-Renewal experience possible.
With us you can enjoy a multitude of official Instances, fully implemented Transcendence jobs, with a lot of customize Quest, and much more.
We work hard on our updates and take pride in being able to offer something for everyone.
So hop online and begin forging your own unforgettable adventure! If you are new to the game, you can read our forum Getting Started guide for more information.
Server Information
Episode Episode 13.1 : Ash Vacuum
Max Level 255/120
Max Stats 300
Max ASPD 193
Open Since September 9th, 2020
Refine Rate Safe +8/ 10% +9 / 1% +10
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 1,000,000x
Item Drop 100%
Equipment Drop 100%
Card Drop 100%
Miniboss Card Drop 30%
MVP Card Drop 30%

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